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Name's HYP, or Chelsea.
I am a "people pleaser".

I like getting to know people.
I like deep conversations.
I like hypocrisy.
I like being human.

I'm easy to please, but please, I'm not easy.
I try to be the most genuine person I can be.

The most important thing to remember about Idealists is this: one and all, they are incurable romantics.
— David Keirsey, Please Understand Me II (via myersandbriggs)


♡ [ animation by Christina Lu ! ]
hyp-notic: "Would you happen to know where one can buy the leather harness-type garters? I've been looking online everywhere and can't seem to find any leads. Much appreciated xx."


hello! i got my garters from a store on storenvy. i recommend searching on there but i would say creepyyeha's garters would be the best investment! you can also shop on taobao (chinese ebay) for replicas, but they may be lower quality and will take longer to ship. (here is a tutorial on how you can use taobao)

thank you!!! u r amazinnnnnnnn’
btw if you’re ever around in SF I’d love to take a street photo of you! I’ve been working on a street fashion blog in the Bay Area and have been looking for more people who’re influenced by Japanese street style.


Fanime ready! The outfits a surprise but I’m sure you can guess who I’m going to be. 

Plugsuit vs. race queen?

FRIDAY, May 23:
Super Soul Bros.Random aka Mega RanSpace BoyfriendDJ CocoAt Cafe Stritch - 7pm all ages FREESATURDAY, May 24th:Super Soul Bros.Random aka Mega Ran Slime GirlsDJ CocoAt Cafe Stritch - 7pm all ages FREEPLUS: enjoy the Super Soul Pad - gaming/ art lounge upstairsMore info on the performers:SUPER SOUL BROS: funk soul jazz video game tribute ensemble from San Jose: Ran (aka Random): Nerdcore rapper/ teacher/ gamer from Phoenix: BOYFRIEND: Los Angeles electro / chiptune idol-punk: GIRLS: surf/ punk chiptune rock from San Juan Bautista: COCO: Yesh! J-pop/ rock selector from Yokohama, Japan: San Jose: indie music + retro gaming festival at San Jose State University: